Radio Media Gateway

i-NeXt Radio Media Gateway is an innovative IP interface for your PMR (Private Mobile Radio) both analog and digital (i.e. DMR, NXDN, TETRA)

Transponder IP
Using two Radio Media Gateway you can setup a transponder link between two pmr transceivers

Talker app for Android smartphone

A smartphone application
With a Radio Media Gateway you can make pmr calls using an Android smartphone, without the need to pay for third party services

Eclectic personality

The Radio Media Gateway easily adapts to multiple operating situations

The device is useful for both fixed and temporary installations. The flexibility of the radio interface allows you to find the optimal settings with most radios on the market. The Smartphone and Transponder modes, the multi-client function as well as the possibility of replacing the firmware make it possible to completely transform the behavior of the Radio Media Gateway. The variable power range and low power consumption allow adaptation to multiple power solutions, including battery packs and smartphone power supplies.

Born interoperable

Radio Media Gateway solves interoperability problems

Smartphone mode is the practical and convenient answer when you need a solution anywhere in the world to make your radios use to other people who do not have your technology and you do not have radio devices to give to them. The Transponder mode allows to link toghether pmr channels that use different transmission technologies both analog and digital. The possibility of sharing a transceiver among multiple Smartphone users makes it possible to easily resolve the unavailability of terminals and simplify the setting up of radio communication stations.

Mobile nature

The Radio Media Gateway is particularly suitable for mobile applications

The particular lightness, the compact dimensions, the very low consumption, the simplicity of the wiring for the power supply and the connection with the radio, make this device ideal for installations inside vehicles, backpacks or shelters. The availability of the Talker App for Android smartphones makes the Mobile nature even more pronounced. In fact, the use of the smartphone makes it possible to further facilitate access to radio communication by exploiting the capabilities of a powerful, lightweight and compact device, made specifically for mobility. The use of the smartphone with WiFi allows you to exceed the operational limits and the interoperability constraints of the Bluetooth personal network by proposing a standard device that is always easy to find.

Learn more watching this video

Download the Talker now and start using your PMR radio with an Android smartphone

Attention ... first buy an i-Next Radio Media Gateway!



Requires Android 4.2 or later.


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